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Enjoy the adventure, the mystery,  the wildlife, The Earth-Watchers are  here- get them all!

Raptors cover audio.jpg
The Raptors of Redwood #1

A young artist, photographer, bird-watcher, & nature lover, befriends nature through wondrous birds of prey. From the imagination of Lester Ferguson-author & illustrator of Forest of the Sprites

The Snow Cat cover copy.jpg
The Snow Cat #2
  • ASIN: B00JZR46MM

A melancholy yet, hopeful story about a snow leopard's survival from dangerous poachers.
From the imagination of author & illustrator Lester Ferguson-the Earth-Watchers Series helps young readers to develop their awareness for conservation, & for planet earth's fragile ecosystem, by means of wondrous stories and colorful art.

Sea Island cover.jpg
Sea Island #3
  • ASIN: B014LQK0ZI 

The Earth-Watchers travel to an island paradise in the Bahamas to help a loyal friend restore a damaged exotic coral reef. But to their surprise, the adventurers stumbled on lost secrets!

Wild Bill's Journal cover copy.jpg
Sea Island Extended: Wild Bill's Journal

An extended story from the original Earth-Watchers: Sea Island. The poetic and historical account of the late Earth-Watcher Lord William Killarney "Wild Bill" 10th Earl of Peregrine. Join Wild Bill on his odyssey crossing the fierce Atlantic Ocean in search of new adventure!

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